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So often much of the planning and preparation for the big day is spent focussing on the daytime with less importance placed on the evening entertainment. One thing that Strictly Weddings has seen from vast experience is that your guests will leave at the end of your special day remembering their favourite song, favourite dance, your first dance, the last dance of the evening, singing at the top of their voices, etc., but this can also be the talking point for all the wrong reasons!

The music selected during your daytime/evening really can make or break your special day, which is why it is so important to set the tone just right.

Music is not only is an expression of yourselves, but can also heighten the emotion of the day.

Whatever music genre, however unique and specialist, Strictly Weddings will have it covered.
Choosing your Wedding Music
Wedding Day Confetti
Strictly Weddings will ensure that your specific requests are played at the right time, at the right volume, which will guarantee to end your day on a high.
It is Strictly Weddings policy to encourage the Bride and Groom to choose music that is close to your heart to ensure you have the music you want that will guarantee to end your day on a high.
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